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2012 | By: Northern Illinois University

Science in the Moment (SciMo)

Science in the Moment (SciMo) is a 3 year research study funded by the National Science Foundation at Northern Illinois University. The purpose of SciMo is to provide a descriptive account of what a variety of high school science contexts feel like from the perspective of female and male students. The overarching theoretical and conceptual perspectives for the study include: (1) Self Determination Theory focuses on the importance of students' cognitions in learning around issues concerning autonomy and competence. (2) Emergent Motivation Theory is branch of the field of positive psychology, focused on the important role of affect in learning. (3) Women's ways of knowing suggests that females and males may approach academic learning, including learning science, differently because of identified differences in how girls and boys are socialized to assume socially-sanctioned gender roles, and societal expectations for males and females academic performance. View External Website

Region: N South Atlantic

Contributor: Anna Simmons

Tags: Instructional Strategies, Formal Education, STEM, Gender

2012 | By: New York Times

Computer Science Takes Steps to Bring Women to the Fold

Computer science is one area in which female presence relative to men is static or even shrinking. Some experts say that factors driving women away will eventually drive men away as well. What does this mean for the future? View External Website

Region: N South Atlantic

Contributor: Anna Simmons

Tags: STEM, Technology

2012 | By: Creative Commons

International Journal of Gender, Science, and Technology

The International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology (GST) focuses on gender issues in and of science and technology, including engineering, construction and the built environment, and aims to explore the intersections of policy, practice and research. The online journal offers a multitude of resources from webcasts and seminars, to book reviews, to research and theoretical papers, to case studies. View External Website

Region: N South Atlantic

Contributor: Anna Simmons

Tags: Research-Report, Gender, STEM, Informal Learning-Education

2012 | By: The White House

Educate to Innovate

"Educate to Innovate" is a new campaign announced by President Obama, making STEM education a national priority. The call to action incorporates programs and partnerships designed to increase STEM literacy so that all students can learn deeply, think critically, and solve problems. As part of the campaign, STEM education and career opportunities will expanded for underrepresented groups, including women and girls. Click on the link to read more about the campaign and watch the STEM education video. View External Website

Region: N South Atlantic

Contributor: Anna Simmons

Tags: STEM, Motivation, Student Preparedness

2012 | By: Crowley et al., 2001

Building Islands of Expertise in Everyday Family Activity

Do parents explain more often to boys than girls in science museums? This report suggests the possibility that parents who engage with informal science environments with their children, may be unintentionally contributing to a gender gap in children's STEM literacy. View External Website

Region: N South Atlantic

Contributor: Anna Simmons

Tags: Informal Learning-Education, STEM, Research-Report

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Science Central's Ms. Tech Camp

With support from a Girls RISEnet Minigrant, Science Central, a hands-on science center in northeast Indiana, partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Fort Wayne and the Fort Wayne Urban League, as well as the general public, to host our first ...Read More

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