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Programmable Plush: Engaging Girls to Design and Code

Programmable Plush: Engaging Girls to Design and Code

The workshop will give participants the opportunity to: * Build their own programmable plush creatures using Arduino LilyPads * Learn how to engage girls in computer coding and electrical engineering (circuits) * Learn about proven strategies for engaging girls in STEM and STEM pathways * Identify research and resources related to girls in STEM

Region: S South Atlantic | Type: Workshops

Designing Girl Friendly Environments and Learning Experiences

Designing Girl Friendly Environments and Learning Experiences

Formal and informal educators will value this unique opportunity to network with peers who support and create programs for girls in STEM subjects. Workshops will focus on how to create learning environments and experiences that support girls with STEM aspirations, and will highlight the importance of mentoring. This conference is presented in partnership with the Connecticut Chapter of the National Girls Collaborative Project

Region: North East | Type: Workshops

Engaging Girls in STEM Programming

Engaging Girls in STEM Programming

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry will host a gathering for museum professionals and those in informal education with presentations on a variety of topics, including Awareness of Gender Equity and Designing Girl Friendly Environments and Learning Experiences. There will be a strong focus on hands-on activities that can be used to engage girls.

Region: N Pacific | Type: Workshops

Girls Exploring Design

Girls Exploring Design

Building capacity for engaging girls in engineering and computer programming activities. Join us to participate in activities, discussion, and reflection on topics like cultural competency and girl-friendly computer coding using the LilyPad Arduino.

Region: Mountain | Type: Workshops

Programmable Plush

Programmable Plush

Participants will learn about girls in STEM careers and ways to engage them in science. Participants will leave with their own programmable plush and insight how how to introduce girls to Technology. Limited spot available!

Region: W North Central | Type:

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Privacy Policy | The Girls RISE (Raising Interest in Science and Engineering) National Museum Network is funded by Grant No. HRD-0937245 from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Human Resource Development, Research on Gender in Science and Engineering Extension Services (GSE/EXT) Program. Project collaborators include the Miami Science Museum, the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) and SECME, Inc. The project seeks to increase the capacity of science centers and museums to interest girls from underrepresented populations in the engineering sciences